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The free java applets and source code collection. Last updated 27/10/99


Category: Animation
Author: Vadim K. Voland
Latest version: 1.01
Date of release: 27/10/99
Short Description: Lake Effect.
Status: Free + Source code
Download: Here


There is no reason for doing this applet, expect what i can do it :o). I see such applet and it's be commercial - there no reason to pay if you can do it yourself. This is a classical lake. For compilation was used Microsoft (R) Visual Java++ Compiler v1.02.3920 with Sun JDK 1.02 class library.
Applet was tested with next JVM:
  • Microsoft® Just-in-Time Compiler for Java(TM) v4.79.2339
  • Symantec Java! ByteCode Compiler Version 210.065
  • Java Plug-in 1.1.2 '(C) Sun MicroSystems'
  • History revision.

  • 1.01 - bug fixes: fixed thread not running after restart; added statustext
  • 1.00 - release
  • How to use.

    Download archive from top of this page, unpack it to your HTML directory, and insert in html next code:
    <applet CODE="MyLake.class" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="200">
    <param name=background value=images/9b.jpg>
    <param name=overlay value=images/ovl.jpg>
    <param name=statustext value="Welcome to project Albion">
    Definition of parameters is next:
  • background - path to image which need to fluid
  • overlay - path to image for overlaying
  • statustext - text for diplaying int status line when mouse on apllet
  • Future plans.

    There no future plans for this applet at this moment (This applet is effect example only),expect bugs elimination.

    All applets, documentation, source code presented in this collection is developed under project "Albion" conception

    (C) 1999 Diamond Lynx. Design Vadim K. Voland.