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HTCC Prayer Board

Welcome to the HTCC Prayer Board. Prayer is the most powerful tool the Lord gave us. Through prayer we can talk with our Lord and ask for His intercession in our lives. If you would like your brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for you or if you know someone who needs prayer contact us at Heaven's Tableland Christian Church or email.

Please, first names only (The Lord knows who they are.), what there need is and where they are. We will post the information on this site for all who visit to join in with the power of prayer.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

To our Lord we Pray.

We are but chaff in the wind lost in the confusion and despair of existence. It is you o Lord that shall gather us up, it is you o Lord that shall cause the wind to cease and bring us into peace with thee. It is this we pray o Lord, hear our whisper in your ear that we may be brought unto you. In Jesus name we ask this.

Your children.

Rev. Adelle (Williamsburg) . . .for her health, continued guidance and Social Security claim.

Glenda (Williamsburg). . .for continued strength in the Spirit and financial intercession.

Lauralei (Williamsburg). . .for a new job, continued peace in the Spirit and her family.

Joseph (Williamsburg). . .as he grows as a man may he grow in the Spirit and have peace.

Alliance of Christian Churches (Wheresoever an ACC church is located). . .to continue to be a guiding light for those who seek Him.

Heaven's Tableland Christian Church (Williamsburg). . .Please see needs list.

Doug (Williamsburg). . .for a healing and successful surgery and intercession with the Veterans Administration for a quick and timely decision.

Body Of Christ Church (Ft. Lauderdale). . .for guidance and strength in the Spirit during their time of trouble.

Jenna (Williamsburg). . .unspoken.

Joyce's son Corky (Williamsburg). . .for a healing.

Rick (Williamsburg). . .for a healing.

Would you please add these things to your prayer list and join our church in approaching our Heavenly Father with our needs?

? . . . healing for Patti and Debbie

? . . . for healing of physical and emotional needs

? . . . for the understanding of the word commitment

? . . . for relationships past & present

? . . . for spiritual guidance in dealing with our friends and co-workers

? . . . for financial concerns

? . . . for the continued growth of Heaven's Tableland Christian Church

? . . . for the upcoming elections in our country.

? . . . for the understanding & strength to be good stewards of everything God has given us.

? . . . for diagnosis and healing for Zackary.

? . . . for the return of past friends to Heaven's Tableland Christian Church.